Tuesday, November 18, 2008

alls well......

in love and war....sheesh! Well, as you can see, I'm still alive. yes. hahah, and I leave for Brazil tomorrow! and Provo later today. haha, I love staying up past midnight. Today is totally a must though. I have so much homework and packing to get done and I need to get it done by the time classes start tomorrow! So jam packed! But so worth it! I'm starting to get nervous though. Its going to be such a huge shock to me! I mean, the only people I will be able to talk to will be Krista and Holly, and then a little bit to Jorge and Fabio, but thats pretty much it. I wish I spoke portuguese. That would be sweet.

So I know its not all that important but just thought i'd mention it. So the fondue party was SO much fun and I thought it was a big success. It was really funny though because Jeffery and his um....friend, showed up a half hour early.....yeah talk about awkward!! hahaha oh my flip! They kind of stood around and we talked for a little bit, but then they left for about an hour and came back when there were more people. Anyways! before that even happened, Maria called me to tell me some creepy stuff about the....friend....and then she kind of let it slip that Jeffery asked her out on a date for this weekend! I was so excited for her!! I mean, Jeffery is the perfect guy for her and Maria totally deserves someone like that after all of the crap that she has had to put up with these past couple of months! And honestly, they would be the cutest couple! (I think her and Chadley would be better looking together, but thats just for fun!) Anyways! So yeah, they might go out this weekend....I dont really know anymore. Maria was feeling bad about the whole situation. I honestly don't care! I am totally excited about this new development, and to be honest I am not sure if I could like Jeffery more than a friend. Woo! way to go girl! haha.

Deep breath. Well, I will have....a 4 hour drive to myself and then 13 hour flight pretty much to myself. I'm excited for this time. haha, I think I should go get a comp book or somthing! I will need a lot of space for writing! Seriously cant wait. Anyways, we will see if I can update people while I'm out of the country. If not, I will update probably early December at the latest! Peace love and joy :D hahaha (girls camp.....yeah.........)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

So....about last night.....

Yeah.......remember Jeffery? Well I was....how do you say.....caught up in the moment and I asked him out on Saturday night...hahaha turns out like three seconds before I did that, he told Jacqueline (creepy stalker girl) that he would hang out with her Saturday night. haha it was really funny and sweet. He was trying to let me down easy, and told me he really admired my courage in asking him because I guess not many girls have done that with him. I stopped him mid let-down and told him that it was ok and we should totally hang out some other time. hahaha he kind of freaked out at that,
"What? No let me finish!! Are you free on Friday night?"
hahahah! oh my gosh. I love this kid. So I told him that this was his week because I was actually open on a Friday night! So then he asked me what I wanted to do and I told him that he had me there, because the only thing I had planned was a bonfire that my Maria and Sam were throwing with their dates. So he asked me where I wanted to eat and I didnt really know so I said subway. hahaha He then let me know that he was a poor college student, but subway he could do. I told him to not worry about it because it was me who asked him out, and he turned right around and was like:
"Um, no you asked me out for Saturday...I'm asking you for Friday. So let me do this the right way. Hey Kels! (I should be doing this in person or at least over the phone, but....) I was just wondering if you were free for a date on Friday night. Speaking of the phone, I need your number!"
hahaha k realize that this isnt word for word. It was SO much sweeter the way he said it! Anyways. So I accepted and swapped numbers and then eventually came Friday night (oh this all happened on Wednesday btw). He came and picked me up and hahahah oh wow. K he surprised me away because I had forgotten what he looked like and how tall he was! How sad, I know! Anyways, we head out to his car (an old white truck! I loved it! He didnt though...hahaha) and he asked if Sonic was ok instead of subway...wow this kid read my mind. I was totally digging a burger. Unfortunately for me, none of the guys I go out on dates with ever eat! I'm serious! It's kind of really annoying....but its ok because his grandpa came into town and took him out to dinner. I'm not going to lie, I would have eaten too. Family is just more important than a girl you met at a bonfire. Well, after that we met up with his brother and his date and headed over to the Extravadance thing the school put on. Wow it was fun! hahah the next funny part to the story is that we got there a little late, and the only seating they had left were for singles. hahahah..........so we got split up. only a little though. He sat right infront of me. After that we all headed over to coldstone and enjoyed some creamery. hahaha funny people there I just have to add! Oh, they had marshmellow flavored ice cream and Jeffery and I decided that we need to go mellow Maria's car again sometime soon (he did that as we were leaving the bonfire). So anyways, after that we headed back to my place and played Cranium....wow I've never felt so stupid in my life. hahah! I cant act! and I dont know how to spell "eighth" backwards....its EIGHTH! h-t-h-g-i-e. I promise I can do things.....Anyways, after we lost sorely to the other team (which didnt seem right), I brought out Curses.....heheheheh yes!! I absolutely love curses. And its a great way to get people out of their shells and into some fun! And let me tell you! hahah we had a blast. After that we had some remanising moments. We (the boys and I) were all in the same ward at one point actually, but I was a little too young to remember. I knew that his name sounded familiar, and his brother I totally recognized....kind of I mean. hahah. I felt bad. hahah I knew all of his friends from high school, but I didnt remember him! And he totally knew my family after a while of thinking about it. haha..........yeah....remember me in diapers?! exciting.....no but it was really funny! And he is coming to our fondue party tomorrow night so it will be fun to see him again. Oh and........creepy stalker girl is coming to....maybe. He is talking to her tonight to get things straight with her.....so who knows.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Yeah, last week was a bad week. I had a few over reactions. Sorry for making things awkward. But beyond the disclaimer! Life is going great! I finally got to talk to Krista today! She really seems happy. And busy. But this is life for a soon to be wife! Or so I assume. haha, anyways. A week before I leave for Brazil! I am so excited I can hardly stand it! I have to keep reminding myself to live in the moment because I'm getting way too caught up in what is to come!

My roommates had a sit down and talked about what needs to be changed in our way of living. Two of the six obviously felt that things werent running like they should......ok. Anyways, they decided that we need to do more stuff together......uh. I know, shoot me I'm having a bad attitude towards this. I just feel like we are aloud to have lives outside of home. But yeah, so I suggested that we do a fondue party on Sunday. Wow. haha, I never expected them to all go for it! Everyone was really excited about the idea. So I jumped on that, getting ideas from Holly and getting the invitation on facebook up. I told all of my roommates the drill for these kinds of parties and they were all good with it, so I invited pretty much all of my BYUI friends. And they all invited theirs. I'm totally ok with this because I know not everyone will show up, and the bigger the better in my opinion. They all started to flip out as of today. "How are we going to pull this off?!" Honestly, people dont trust me. Anyways we will see how this plays out. In my opinion it will be fanitastic, but who knows.

Next up? haha this one is pretty funny to me. My cars transmission totally shot. A week before I leave. No worries it will be fixed before Tuesday. My old car cant handle traveling I guess, so all of those trips to Boise totally killed it. Its been sitting infront of the stadium for the past two days. I should probably get it towed and fixed soon, huh?

K, I really hate drama, but this is my life right now. So I went to this bonfire with Maria last weekend. Totally chill, just a work friend and her roommates.........oh and the guy that she likes. The reason she invited us was to meet this kid and tell her what we thought of him (ps he isnt in to her at all and we all knew this before we met him). So we went, and had tons of fun! This guy actually turned out to be from Boise, and surprise! knows my sister (Holly). So we kind of hit it off just from that. Maria is way outgoing anyways so she can get along with anyone. So afterwards, Maria and I are on facebook and this kid adds me as a friend. Way awesome. Well, this girl, turning out to be EXTREMELY possessive adds me as a friend too and basically tells Maria to tell me to back off. Yeah tell me about it. So Maria totally defends me and lets her know that this kid (he has a name....and it's Jeffery) and I are adults and that we can talk if we want and if something starts we have all the right in the world. She agrees but get this, she tells Maria that because they are friends, she cant talk to Jeffery. I KNOW! Jeffery, Maria and I (well mostly Maria and I) are weirded out, while Jeffery is trying to find a way to let her know that she cant be obsessing over him like this. Another thing we are afraid of is what she will do to herself. Low self esteem + insanity = uh-oh. Basically, this is a sticky situation that Maria and Jeffery are trying to settle.

My so called life.......too true. hahaha. Well, hopefully this crappy drama will be done with soon and I can carry on with my life in pure happiness! next semester....hahah

Monday, November 10, 2008


Not that I should get ticked off, but I do. My roommate always downplays me whenever we are with guys! It drives me frickin crazy! I don't know if she realizes what she says, because sometimes it just seems like she doesn't know how to control her freaking mouth, but most of the time I'm pretty sure she just wants to keep the guys on her side. Seriously though! I'm not even remotely as pretty as she is, yet she gets defensive. No matter what. Today for example, I'm laying on the couch, sweatshirt with the pocket half hanging off, no make-up on and in my byui basketball shorts......i mean, how ugly could I make myself. Anyways, she comes in with this guy and they smell that I've made popcorn. I told them that I was going to watch Elf but decided against it and then the guy started making a conversation with me and telling me how his family loves that movie and then when the conversation died out, she pops up out of nowhere and tells the guy that I ate spaghetti with syrup on it because I wanted to be just like Buddy the Elf. Fan-frickin-tastic. He looked at me like I was the craziest person in the world, and I was sitting there trying to justify myself while she just made things worse by telling him that he should try it, oh but wait, he's a health nut..........k wow. I felt like I gained ten pounds on the spot. Scariest part is....she wants to live with Maria and me next semester because she wants to get away from one of our roommates. And her mom really likes me and told her that she cant lose me. ha..............friends for life by the sound of it. sad part is she told me one of the first nights we roomed together that in high school she didnt have many friends because the ones she did have she lost because she annoyed them all away. (does this make me sound petty?)


Patience is something i need to learn with her.

Besides that small annoyance in my life, things are running smoothly! I'm going to Brazil in a week and a half (remind me to take my car the the mechanics before that) and school is almost over! Free and easy down the road i'll go!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

UK anyone?

Finally a day to myself to just do whatever! Can I just say that it feels so nice to just sit infront of my heater and read a book! A whole Saturday with no obligations. Wowzas.

Well then. New complications in my life? My car is practically falling apart right before the big trip.....and I thought I got it fixed when I went back to home to see Krista off. Ha, guess not. I'll just have to hope for the best when I travel to Provo before Holly and I leave for Brazil, because right now I do not have the money for a mechanic. Maybe I'll be lucky and one of my fhe brothers or someone will be able to fix it....other than that complication its really nothing new. Obama is our next president and I'm interested to see how this goes. Maria and I have decided that if we start heading in the way wrong direction, we will be moving to Europe. I think we were planning on it anyways outside of the election fact, but that wont be for a few years. That would be fun. Living it a cute little two bedroom flat in Chelsea or something, comfortable jobs, British boyfriends (?!), yup, that would be the life. What, a girl can dream.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

a bit of randomness

I really need to do my homework, but hey, whats procrastinating if it isnt until the last second. So......here's the scoop. New kid in my health class today. Random. I mean, the semester is almost over but here he is! Or maybe I've just never noticed him. Honestly, there are only about three people I recognize from that class, so it wouldnt be wrong to assume that he's always been there, but I've just never noticed. ANYWAYS, he took my seat today. haha, so high school bullyish but hey, its my seat. So I walked in with my friends Danielle and Myles and we started to head to our seats. Wvuala, there he was. hahaha, Danielle and I kind of stopped and stared at him for a second, like we were completely lost because he was in my seat. The funny thing is, he stared back like, whatcha going to do about it, but he had the cutest little smirk on his face! oh my gosh. haha, but yeah. So we took the only open three in a row seats and got back to our conversation. I was in the very front, so I had to look back to see my friends, and occasionally I would notice that he was just looking at me, same little smirk and everything. I dont know if I accidentally threw him a dirty look or what, but he eventually stopped. (Another funny thing, this new seating arrangement totally threw my teacher off. His daughter usually sits where i sat today and he was so lost and confused when he saw me there.) But back to the point, after class I was packing my backpack when he walked past and kept watching me. As he slid past he smiled at me and asked if he took my spot. Me being my quiet self looked back and said something to the affect of "Yeah, but its ok." He kind of chuckled and then said that I was welcome to sit next to him next class, because he really liked my spot......smooth. hahah I dunno. He's way cute, but we'll have to see how this plays out. k! new procrastination! I'm going to lunch with Maria.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Pretty much. I dont even know how to start this! Basically, today is election day, and I am freaking out! First of all, I don't even get to vote for my first time, which is really depressing. I mean, I could, if I wanted to drive for four hours back to Boise after work today, and then vote and drive straight back......but I dont think that is a very good idea. Besides, I was just there this last weekend. Anyways! I'm scared to see the outcome. I know pretty much that Obama is going to win and I can honestly say that if this is so, I wouldn't mind living out of the country for the next four years. Whatever. But even though I'm not a huge fan of McCain, I would rather have him in office. So I guess I still have a little light of hope that he will somehow miraculously win the election! haha, could you imagine?! That would be a huge shocker.

But besides the ever frightful election, I've got 15 days until I leave for Brazil!!! Yeah!!!! haha, 14 days until I leave for Provo. I am so excited I cant even describe it! I've been going to the gym a lot recently, just so I can get my beach body back. I'm not fat, I just could trim myself a little. And I'm going to start tanning.....haha. I need to get some color so I can have a base. And maybe because I dont want to blind all of the people there when I step off the plane! That would be sad. We are going to Rio first, and playing for a few days and then we will fly to Salvador and hang out there for a week or so, and then its Krista's wedding! And then Marie and I have to go back home. 10 days of pure bliss and beach! And then after that I come back to snowy rexburg and finals. hahah, this is going to be fun.

Something else to update on maybe. hahaha, I'm a hopeless reck when it comes to relationships, I mean the most I've ever had was a pretty much fake boyfriend my Freshman year of high school. Yeah, Mormon standards I "broke the rules" and dated before I was sixteen. Maybe thats why I'm a failure at life. Jk, but seriously. Anyways, the most I ever get is a crush here and there and the occasional crush that turns into a good friend. But as for right now, I'm the one crushing, and the guys dont even notice I'm freaking there!! k, well maybe they do, its just they dont like me back...frustrating....ahaha, yes, and I did say guys...plural....the first one is my fhe brother..........oh my gosh total heart melter!! Man this may sound totally cheese filled, but the first time I saw him I was totally ga-ga over the guy! And then I find out he is in my fhe group and things just rocked from then on out! The sad part is, he is on the summer/fall track, so one he is leaving in the winter, which is like four weeks away, and two, he has a summer crush that he just cant get over. guess what I'm going to say. GET OVER IT, KID! ha......outburst.....yeah I'm a mean butt I know. But seriously. He's too adorable to be single. k, enough about this kid. hahaha numbero two. This kid I work with, he's so stinkin hilarious! hahaha, let me tell you! I just started working the last day pretty much of the summer break and then I came back for the fall and everyone knew everyone, and to make a long moping story short, this kid was honestly the first one to befriend me. I'm really shy....I know you would never guess it, but I am, so making new friends is a slow process for me, but he seemed to know this and just jumped right in! Since then I've made myself known around the catering crew (yes, I'm in University Catering...) but he is still my favorite. ready for the drama half of this story? We got a new girl to the crew about three weeks ago.....and this kid has decided that he wants to "get to know her better." Yeah, I think we all know what his real motives are. blah. blahdy blahdy blah. Huh...this is life though..especially mine. I guess all I can really do is just live my life and someday things will work out like butter! meaning smoothly. and yeah. haha, k major point to these stories (I guess its not that major, but I was excited), I hadnt seen either of them for like two weeks and I was starting to.....lag in my energy they give me everytime I see one of them. But yesterday! haha, I was walking in to my last class, and we have this little cafe right next to it, and surprise! He was working there last minute to cover for someone! Oh let me tell you! haha I was soo happy the rest of the night. One better! fhe bro showed up for fhe for like the third time this semester! IT WAS A FREAKING TWO FOR ONE! if that makes sense. Man yesterday was my day! Today though is a different story. I guess I need to be getting ready for work....soo, until next time!

ps. incase people havent realized, names are ex'd for personal reasons. I honestly would be mortified if someone I didnt want reading this found it and then made my life an awkward living blah.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

so.........this is it!

Yup! This is it. This is my blog. haha, I know pretty much no one will be seeing this, but I figured it would be fun to have. I've been seeing other peoples, such as my sisters and her friends, and it seems like a good way to keep everyone updated while not being obligated to call all members of my life everytime something new comes to pass.
So a quick catch up. I'm an 18 year old college student at BYU-I (yeah, I'm a youngun. whatcha gunna do about it?) and loving every minute of it! I am single, and it is incredibly ok with me, though my friends dont think so and are even setting goals for me to get married by this time next year...ha, yeah........i love them though! they are what keep me sane in this crazy world. I have three older siblings and one younger half sister...and if you want to get complicated 6 older step siblings, 13 step-nephews and 5 step-nieces. You can imagine that my house gets crazy at thanksgiving. As for my immediate family, it's just my older brother and my two older sisters, the oldest of which just left yesterday for Brazil to get married. My other sister and I are going to meet up with her in three weeks for the wedding. Yes. i am very excited.
Yeah, as for now, life is just moving along nicely. I'm passing all of my classes, I have good friends and it hasn't snowed yet! But to keep this up I should probably get to finishing my homework....eww.