Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Making lists

So I'm sitting here on my bed.....sheets and blankets all ascewed (just the way I like it).....a bowl of oatmeal next to my knee......and trying to multi task with homework....writing an email for a job.....and eating my breakfast. This is my to do list for today:
1) complete homework for today
2) clean my nasty room.....mostly just hanging up clothes.....i have a bad habit of dumping them on the floor.....
3) meeting at 3:00 pm for group presentation. Putting together a slide show and figuring out what I'm actually saying.
4) meeting at 5:30 pm for group debate. Putting together a slide show and figuring out what I'm actually saying...........lame.
5) 9:00 work.....DISH CREW. yeah baby..........everybody loves it..............but hey! plus side is that it's my third time working in this pay period! i'll be at about $65 this paycheck!!! nice.....yeah that has been my semester. lowest paycheck=$18.....highest paycheck=$105. median has been about $60, Which isnt bad, but compared to last semester, its terrible.
ANYWAYS......I found this school in California. Its a photography school called Barkers. I havent really looked that far into it, but so far it looks interesting. Meh.....I think, even though I love photography, I'll keep that as a hobbey. BUT I was talking with my friend/ex-roommate the other day during our late March blizzard, and I found out that she wants to be a history major, too! but she's been hiding it because she knows people will look down on her and everyone will be like oh that is such a dead-end major......Honestly though, here are my reasonings:
a) SOMEONE needs to keep history alive. Otherwise it will all be forgotten. Honestly though, there are some people that are just called to these things. Somebody needs to do it, so why not let the people who are passionate about it take care of it. The few, the proud, the historians.
b) At some point, you've heard it all before. So if you stick with it, you can get past the point of people breaking you down and you get to where you want to be. Prove them all wrong. If it's a true passion then you'll stick with it, no matter the pay or the success or the family and friends who dont support you along the way. Sorry for my example, but I was watching America's Next Top Model the other day, and Tyra Banks was talking about how hard the modeling world is, and if you cant take the critisizm and if you cant take the hard work that is put into it to prove that you are the best, then you're just not cut out for it. Even though for a little while there I did let it get to me, and I tried to look at other options, I keep coming back to history. I can do it. I want to do it. and I will do it. I just find myself attached to it.
I just keep thinking to myself, if this is something you really want to do, dont let other people get in your way.
Well, thats my rant for today. I really need to get on with my homework....you know, finish out that list. Lost is on tomorrow night! I hear that we find out more about Kate and what she did with Aaron!
Oh ps Maria finally got engaged! her ring is honkin huge and really pretty! her and Jeffrey get married on May 16th.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I have one thing to say....

So its really late...like 2:15 in the morning, and i cant sleep. Maria and i were up doing homework and jazz until around 1:30 we decided to watch the office. Well maria fell asleep so i turned it off and tried to go to sleep also....obviously it didnt really happen. As i was lying there i think i realized that i couldnt sleep for a few reasons, 1) i wasnt tired, and 2) my shorts are too tight. hahaha funny reason but its true. So yeah, i dive in a little bit and realize that i've gained a lot of weight this semester. I think a few factors are sufficient reasons, such as slight depression, no work and no social life and a lack of motivation to go to the gym.....but still, the fact is that i've gained weight. and then i started thinking, ok i want to lose like 20lbs....i can totally do that. i've done it before, so i can most definately do it again. then i started to think that for my height and age i should be around 115lbs instead of 125.....no big deal but its the truth. Then i was like, but what about all of my clothes? i couldnt fit in to any of them if i were that tiny. so i decided 125 is a good weight for my build and age....yeah this could work, i just need a sporty, muscular body; this works! then that lead me to remember of this one time i was upstairs talking to Tiffany and she was complaining that even though she was going to the gym all the time she was still gaining weight, so i told her the usual, well muscle weighs more than fat and then her roommate, who wasnt even a part of the conversation just butts in and was like, actually it doesnt. I just looked at her and was like excuse me? but in my head. then she starts to elaborate by saying that one pound of fat equals one pound of muscle. well duh. one pound of cake equals one pound of veggies, but it doesnt mean that they are the same. at the time i was just too annoyed to think clearly, but now that i've been able to actually process what she was trying to explain i finally came up with my rebutle. So yeah, a pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat, but if you take an pint of muscle and compare it with a pint of fat, you'd probably find that the muscle weighs more because the muscle is more dense. she forgot to factor in the density of what she was comparing. to equal it out you'd need to add more fat to the scale. I dunno, even though she is probably right in calling me on my claim, it still was annoyingly rude the way she did it. and until someone can give me some real scientific evidence that she is right, then i'll stick with what i know. yeah that was my one thing that i wanted to say, but guess what, i have more :)
So i went to taco bell today with maria because we were hungry and we didnt have any edible food at home....hahahah well i havent eaten any fast food in forever so you can imagine how my body is handling this....lets just say i can take back my old nickname of FARTZILLA! yeah pretty nasty. thank goodness it will be over soon. But yeah, so i also went tanning today with maria, and when i was getting dressed afterwards i caught myself in the mirror and noticed how chunky i was getting; lower and upper halves of me. i was kind of grossed out because i dont think i've been this big sinse graduation, or maybe even way before that....like sophmore spring break when i ate all those donuts and TCBY and pizza....that was fun though. but yeah, anyways, so i've gained major poundage and i am way too scared to weigh myself, i'm just guessing, but i still dont like it. But yeah, the point of my story, I am making a goal to be 20lbs lighter by the beginning of summer and to be nicely toned by the time fall semester starts and to keep it that way. no more flubber-o-lu for me! now the thing is to actually get out there. hahaha.
so i found out last saturday that i have to work wednesday night.....ohhhhh how dare they. hahah i wouldnt have minded if we served at a regular meal time, but guess what...we dont serve until seven......it takes people like 45 minutes to eat and then some to socialize.....we're in a completely different building, i dont think i'll be home until like 9. I HAVE TO MISS LOST! :( I never miss.....boooooo. and we never work on wednesdays! hahah so i was thinking how bizarre it really was that the day that lost comes back from its week break, just when it is getting really really interesting, i have to miss it and wait until thursday morning to watch it. man its going to be a killer! i'll be like one of the last fans in the world to see it!!! :( i hate that thought. blah! whatev.
on a lighter note, there's really only like two weeks left of school! we just have to finish out this week, then two weeks and then that last week is just finals! :) i'm so happy. i mean, being in school since july kind of sucks. i dont really want to do that again, even though i'm kind of planning on it by getting on fast track. haha man.
K! so here is a new dilhema. yeah i dont know how to spell it....its ok though. anyways, so i've been watching ANTM lately and have noticed that even though its an awesome show, i dont know anything about the modeling world. so I started to think about it some more and attempt some research. I dont really care for the fashion part or the models who advertize for them, I just wanted to know more about the photographers. That got me really excited! Up until now, my favorite photographer was Ansel Adams. I mean he is still way awesome and inspirational and everything, but now i've discovered Jean-Michel Berts and am AMAZED! his artwork is so fantastic! I mean, his lines, his contrast, his depth, his message, just the beauty of it all! I think i was looking for the photographer Gilles Bensimon, but instead I was taken to Berts and I found his cities work, the Lumiere collection on Lauraguzzo.com, and oh my gosh, i've spent the last like three days just oogling over his pictures! Its funny, because i was looking for Bensimon, but found Berts and it made such a huge impact on me....I wonder if i should take that as a sign? It so makes me want to pick up a camera again and get to a dark room! haha yeah, i got so excited i made sure to put a new (workable) camera at the top of my next big purchases list (which include a motorcycle, a new stereo system for my car and a new sophisticated wardrobe). but yeah, so even though the sensable thing would be to use photography as a hobby, i think it would be brilliant to do it as a career! I can hear mom now; "You have to be a genius to be a photographer for a living! You wont have any money! Kelsey, you arent even that good at photography!"........but you know, if i listen to that, where will i get in life? I will turn out as an unsuccessful nobody. I wont get anywhere! I'm sorry to say it, but i'll be living like her, living off of someone else. And to be honest, I couldnt do that. So now it comes down to studying History, or studying Art/Photography. hahah I could always be a photographer for national geographic or something.
But yeah, its like 3:00 in the morning now, and i'm still not even tired, but i know i should try, so i'll be off now. T T F N!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Crazy? Probably.

Haha, so last night....I was a little tired and a little lonely and extremely bored. I worked that morning at like 7-10, went to the gym, did all my homework (exept, I still need to do my New Testament assignments), and was all alone in the house. Yeah, so whats next? Well, I decided to go make some dinner, and while making dinner I was blasting my oldies music. And after reading my last post over this morning, it kind of sounded like I was drunk. So just to clear things up. I wasnt drunk, I was just a little crazy from lonliness and complete boredom. But no worries! I cleared it all out by watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets until I fell asleep. I decided Harry Potter will keep my sanity these last few weeks. I might have to bring some of those books back with me next time I go home (which, by the way, is scheduled for this upcoming weekend.....hahaha every other weekend holds true so far!). But yes, until my next boredom spurt!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Wonders, Gas Stations, and Mr. Seiferts American Character Class....but dont forget about LOST!

Everyone who's anyone knows about The Wonders and That Thing You Do! Man, most awesome movie ever. And a really catchy song, thats for sure. And gas stations? man alive. hahaha I get most of my oldies music from them. honestly, at five in the morning when I go to fill up before a long trip or back in high school days, just to make sure I could make it there and back again.....its so quiet! and they have the oldies playing. Yeah its just amazing. As for Mr. Seifert....I guess I should credit Mr. Dempsey as well, but when we had to do our rock and roll project, we were studying the 60's. holy crap, it opened up a whole new world to me. ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Lost has brought to pass some awesome songs in its duration :) not going to lie. And contrary to Krista's beliefs, I would have probably liked those songs even before I heard them on Lost...I just didnt get the chance to. But I guess I should admit, having them on Lost makes them soo much better hahaha! Just a post to show my appriciation for some good music that survived past its time in my eyes. Dont try to get me hooked on Depeche Mode though....it will NEVER happen.
Besides these fantastical nouns introducing me to the most awesomest music in the world, I will admit, I was always a Beach Boys fan, and of course a Beatles fan. Whoever doesnt like either is insane. :) have a nice day!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

oi from me :)

Hey so its been a VERY long time since I last posted. In all honesty, it is mostly because nothing has happened in my life....and I kind of forgot I had it. So basically Brazil was amazing, check out my facebook for pics, christmas was fun, and semester #2 has sucked. So lets start out with Maria and Jeffrey.
So over thanksgiving break (Brazil for me), those two got hooked up and then over christmas break they basically got engaged. She says that they arent engaged until she has the ring on her finger, but lets face it....they are engaged. Its really exciting! and I totally called it, but the sucky part is that this semester we roomed together.....it was going to be so much fun! I mean, major excitment all the days through, planning trips to the UK because Obama is president, and road trips to Cali in the summer.....yeah but then she went and got engaged and I get to suffer the loneliness that is the single friend, early. I mean, I knew it would always happen, even before I met Maria, but the fact that it happened in my second semester of college where my friend pool is very toddler sized.....all I'm saying is that this semester has been suckily lonely. My mom has forbidden me from going home because I've been doing it every other weekend this semester....I see nothing wrong with that. I mean, there have been things to come home for....I think there is only one weekend where I came home just because. You cant blame me for wanting to be around people who love me, but by the sounds of it I dont even have that anymore. Jk love ya. blah, I'm being selfishly annoying.

But beyond that drama, I've been ok. I'm loving history and wanting to focus more on it. I've always loved other cultures and archeology and jazz, so I've decided I want to become an Anthropologist. Of course, I tried to hide it from my mom. She is a very logically pessamistic person who wants the best for me....so yeah, she got really mad when I told her that this is what I want to do with my life. She was saying how such a dead end major history is and how only genius's can get anywhere with it.....yeah that one hurt. She wants me to go back to my original plan of becoming a physical therapist and study exercise physiology.....my problem is this kind of major includes a lot of math, chemistry and other things that I completely suck at. I mean, come on! At least I understand history and I'm fascinated by it. Anyways, I'm looking at options; trying to find a way to get what I want while making my mom realize that it's a secure way of life. Yeah, by the looks of it I might have to modify either my study habits or my life. Blah, work in progress. I dunno, maybe I'll be a geologist. hahahah.

But something good that has come from this whole semesters venture is that I want/need to become a more independent person. I want to live on my own, pay for all of my own stuff, live my own life. So my thought process (help me fix it if necessary) is that I'll pay off all of my debts with some of the money from my college fund and then just save up everything I earn for the next year and a half. By then I'll have to pay for my own education, which is like a year and a half to two years of school......$4800.....I'll be able to pay for each semester as I go. By the time I graduate, I hope to be completely independent and living by myself somewhere, working and building up the money needed before I can go back to school and get my ph.d. and then I can graduate and live my life the way I want. Yeah, I know....not exactly well planned out, but I think that if you have a base of a goal you can accomplish it. I guess I could take an easy way out by marrying a really rich guy or becoming an actor. yeah that would be nice.

Yeah, basically my life. I'm pretty bummed right now. Just stupid petty things/hormones/yadiyadi.....but explains the abundance of downness in my writing voice. Pretty pathetic post, but what the hey, it's my so called life :)