Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Making lists

So I'm sitting here on my bed.....sheets and blankets all ascewed (just the way I like it).....a bowl of oatmeal next to my knee......and trying to multi task with homework....writing an email for a job.....and eating my breakfast. This is my to do list for today:
1) complete homework for today
2) clean my nasty room.....mostly just hanging up clothes.....i have a bad habit of dumping them on the floor.....
3) meeting at 3:00 pm for group presentation. Putting together a slide show and figuring out what I'm actually saying.
4) meeting at 5:30 pm for group debate. Putting together a slide show and figuring out what I'm actually saying...........lame.
5) 9:00 work.....DISH CREW. yeah baby..........everybody loves it..............but hey! plus side is that it's my third time working in this pay period! i'll be at about $65 this paycheck!!! nice.....yeah that has been my semester. lowest paycheck=$18.....highest paycheck=$105. median has been about $60, Which isnt bad, but compared to last semester, its terrible.
ANYWAYS......I found this school in California. Its a photography school called Barkers. I havent really looked that far into it, but so far it looks interesting. Meh.....I think, even though I love photography, I'll keep that as a hobbey. BUT I was talking with my friend/ex-roommate the other day during our late March blizzard, and I found out that she wants to be a history major, too! but she's been hiding it because she knows people will look down on her and everyone will be like oh that is such a dead-end major......Honestly though, here are my reasonings:
a) SOMEONE needs to keep history alive. Otherwise it will all be forgotten. Honestly though, there are some people that are just called to these things. Somebody needs to do it, so why not let the people who are passionate about it take care of it. The few, the proud, the historians.
b) At some point, you've heard it all before. So if you stick with it, you can get past the point of people breaking you down and you get to where you want to be. Prove them all wrong. If it's a true passion then you'll stick with it, no matter the pay or the success or the family and friends who dont support you along the way. Sorry for my example, but I was watching America's Next Top Model the other day, and Tyra Banks was talking about how hard the modeling world is, and if you cant take the critisizm and if you cant take the hard work that is put into it to prove that you are the best, then you're just not cut out for it. Even though for a little while there I did let it get to me, and I tried to look at other options, I keep coming back to history. I can do it. I want to do it. and I will do it. I just find myself attached to it.
I just keep thinking to myself, if this is something you really want to do, dont let other people get in your way.
Well, thats my rant for today. I really need to get on with my homework....you know, finish out that list. Lost is on tomorrow night! I hear that we find out more about Kate and what she did with Aaron!
Oh ps Maria finally got engaged! her ring is honkin huge and really pretty! her and Jeffrey get married on May 16th.

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