Tuesday, April 21, 2009

just a little somethin somethin.....

so updating on me! haha, not much to say actually; being home is great, but its rather slow.....I'm used to always having something to do, something to keep me working and busy, or something nagging at the back of my mind.....but nope, nothing.
I did email maryann from jfk about two weeks ago, but seeings as she was out of town for the whole time, I never did expect her to write back, but now that she is home and there is no response....well you can see my fret. I know she has only been back for a day and probably had more important things to worry about and catch up on than hiring back people, but still......I want a response soon so I dont have to worry too much about my future summer. As for getting a second job, here is my dilema....I love to play too much on summer nights! I love to be able to go swimming when I want or to a movie or just sit at home and read a book or hang out with friends! finding a second job for my nights would SUCK. but hey, I guess if I really want or need the money, I should be more serious about life instead of pretending I'm a high school senior again....even though it was great. meh, we will see how things play out when I get there.
Over the weekend I had some fun, though! I went to the zoo with Jessica, Brittany and Wendy and oh my gosh let me tell you about the newness at the zoo!!!! it was so exciting to see this whole new african exhibit!!! I enjoyed it soo much I wanted to play all day there!! And after the zoo we went to the train depot and had lunch. It was such a pretty day! the only thing that ruined it were the nasty fish in the pond and their icky mouths.....blah! But besides that it was so much fun! That night, Jessica Krista and I went to see 17 again with Zach Efron and the guy that played Chandler on Friends. It was pretty good! And can I say that Efron has a pretty nice body.....and he's tan too. He would have totally fit into the 60's california scene. Or he fits here just fine :)
But past all that, the new week looks like and interesting results show of DWTS and an informational episode of Lost......my paycheck comes this week and pretty much all of it goes to Krista.....and maybe byui. Anyways! Tomorrow is supposed to be another beautifully warm day and I'm not missing it by sleeping in until 1:00pm again! boa noite! or however you spell it! :)

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