Sunday, July 12, 2009

This is my summer, so far....

And it's been one exciting one at that! welll, for the most part. I started working at JFK the begining of May. I traveled a lot, but it was mostly to three specific sites; Trail Wind, Amity, and Grace Jordan. The begining of June, I got assigned to one of those sites. Grace Jordan. It's pretty nice there. I'm the only teacher for the afternoons because we only have like 9 enrolled with a usual of 6 kids actually there. It makes it slow but we're a close group for that. My kids are huge with drama though. Half the time it seems like no one can get along. Thats when I wish we had a bigger site. More kids means more friends and less drama. But alas, this summer didnt work out for me like last. Thats ok though. I like it and I'm most definately learning a lot from it! Half way through the summer. I realized this yesterday, but this week would be the last week of me working if it were last summer. It feels weird to not know how long I will be working at one place. I usually have a finishing line that I cross. You know, the end is in sight, kind of thing. Well, moving on!
Besides work, my life has also you guessed it. hahaha, yeah mostly just So You Think You Can Dance, Wipeout, and Harpers Island. Lets start with the first. hahah I LOVE sytycd! It makes me wish that I was a dancer every day of my life! Maybe I'll take some lessons and try out in a few years....hahaha. But yeah, so my favorite dancers are Kupono, Kayla, Evan, Randi and Brandon! and lucky me, THEY ARE ALL IN TOP 10!!!! Yay! hahah so happy. But now comes the hardest part of the show. Watching your favorite ones leave because only one person can win. I'm just glad all of my favorites have made it this far. But this last week, the best dances were most definately kupono and kayla's contemporary ruitine by Mia Michaels. Pure genious. The theme was addiction, and it was danced to Gravity by Sara Buralliose....or however you spell her name. But let me tell you, holy cow!!! I think this dance totally beat out Mia's award winning dance from season 2! the bench one with Travis and Heidi. Wow, I got the biggest goose bumps and I couldnt stop watching it!!! It was very powerful. If kupono would dance all of his ruitines like that he would most definately win. The next favorite dance was Brandon and Janett's Wade Robson Jazz. Danced to Ruby Blue by Roisin Murphy. Talk about entertaining! hahah, that was so great to watch! It most definately helps that it was a Wade Robson piece, too. That guy is a dancing god! (Can you tell who my favorite coreographers are? Add Sonya and you've got it!)
But enough about the best show on earth, lets move on to the next. Harpers Island.
So I started watching this show because it was recommended on IMDB, way back in May.....when I really wasnt working much. It's a suspensful horror mystery show that was kind of cheesy, but the eye candy kept me watching. Man that Jimmy....hahaha, anyways, I dont really know what got me so hooked. Maybe it was the fact that I had to make sure that my favorite characters survived the blood bath, or that it seemed like Lost in ways, but either way, I watched and I got very hooked. Well, yesterday was the finale. I'll just say that I wasnt really surprised at who the murderer was, but I was WAY surprised with the wicked twist at the very end. Holy cow it blew my mind! I could hardly even sleep last night with trying to have it make sense in my mind! The only thing that I can think of is that Wakefield totally messed with this persons brain. I dont want to spoil anything for anyone, but lets just say I was ultimately befuddled and I really hope Lost doesnt end like that. I dont think it would, because H.I. was so extreme.....and a totally different genre.......but you get what i'm saying....right? hahaha
Well, anyways, that has been my summer so far. Drama filled work and TV. And i guess i should confess my addiction to Mario Kart, too....hahaha. But things to look forward to: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on tuesday night with Natalie, Maria's wedding reception on the 25th, and Krista bringing me home passion fruit from brazil! Oh and I totally cant wait to visit my friends, Jacqueline and Tiffany when I go to I.F. this weekend! aight, until next time!

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