Saturday, February 20, 2010

Update on recent thoughts

Not like it matters, but I just realized that they dont have my font on here!!! :( hahaha sucks to my asthma I guess.
Well anyways! Life has been really weird lately. I feel like I've taken a step sideways instead of forward or backward. It's an alternate in Lost....hahaha (I had to make a Lost connection to my life ). I'm not going to school right now, just working...and I recently got offered whats called temporary full time. So I'll be able to work for full time for a number of months but then I have to take a whole month off to make up for it. I was offered full time for when I come back to work, too, if there are enough kids at the preschool. It's really exciting! and it means that I'll be able to pay for school without taking out any loans or asking for help or anything, but it also means that I'll have to hold school of for another year or so......This is my new thought process, to continue working until the summer of 2011 and then go back to school that fall. I dont know if I'll stay in Boise or leave town, but if I stay, I'll probably continue to work part time at JFK. Well, anyways, my present problem is what am I going to do for the whole month I have off this summer?! My first thought was (you'll like this) to go to Florida so I could go to this thing called The Magical World of Harry Potter :). It's in Islands of Adventure and my favorite Harry Potter podcast, Mugglecast, is going to be there the first weekend I have off! I want to go so badly! But here's the bad part.....I dont have anyone to go with!  Danielle Soelberg and Jacqueline Dustin would be my first choices, but Jacqueline is getting married like three months before hand and Yellee probably wouldnt be interested spending a weekend with someone she gets annoyed with so easily at a place where memories arent the greatest. :( it sucks not having a social life.  Well.....maybe I should ask Danielle first? hahaha lets just hope she's not going to have a surprise marriage that day or something....that would definatly suck and ruin all my plans......
Well, besides that! I got a haircut this previous monday! I really like it but nobody else seems to. Especially not my preschoolers. And Krista. I keep thinking it's just something they have to warm up to....but it's been a whole week! haha the only complements I got on it from any of them was the day I pulled my hair up. hahaha . It's short and it makes me look like a mom if I dont style it, but when  it's all done, I think it looks really cute! Well, all stares put aside, I think I look hott.....and younger! (even though I'm only 20)
Next order of business! I cant think of anything.....hahahah I had a dream the other night that I was standing around talking with some of my friends and next to us this girl was getting hypnotized and my friends and I were being weird lik e we usually do and I pretended to be a chicken and the hypnotized girl ATTACKED ME! no joke. I have weird dreams. AND THEN! get this, haha I was running away from the hypnotized girl and I went into this room that turned into one of my old apartmens (kind of.....different layout....more welcoming) and there was this guy standing there. He was like, "There you are! I was wondering when you'd show up!" and he gave me this huge  hug and he just held on. I usually would be really weirded out by that; hugs from strangers, even friends are awkward, but I was really comfortable and relaxed. haha so yeah, as you probably guessed, this guy was my bf in this dream, and he was really good looking too! And then some of my friends, even though I didnt recognize their faces, came in and we were about to go somewhere. haha and that was it. weird, huh? But I remember waking up from the dream and hoping that would come true. hahah it's probably me just being hopeful because I want friends and a boyfriend, but you know, Elizabeth had a dream about her man before she even met him.....hahaha ok ok not likely, but I like to dream.
ok, well I've got a whole Saturday of things to do (not really) so....until next time!

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