Wednesday, October 14, 2009


K, so it's been like....three months since I've updated on my life. Really nothing much to update on....but whatev, here it goes.

:) so lets see here....starting from where I left off. Harry Potter was the most awesome movie of the summer!! haha and Natalie was actually a fun companion. This movie is definately going on my christmas list....well all harry potter movies go on my christmas list but this one definately does! Ummm Maria's wedding reception was so cute! and it was great to see them again! I felt really awkward though....I mean I got to talk to them for the first like three minutes but then they had to go around and talk to other guests and I was left standing all by myself.....meh :( I really wish I had brought someone with me....the only problem is there was really no one to bring. Stupid single life. But yeah, my time there was short but it was nice. Earlier that day I got to go hang out with Jacqueline and Tiffany....mostly Tiffany though. Jacqueline had to work. So we went out to lunch and then Tiffany and I went to goof off at the sand the summer....oh man I can feel my feet burning now!!! It was fun to see them again. I'm sad I'm not in Rexburg now. Fall is the best time to be there in my opinion. NEXT YEAR! In the meantime I'm still working. I finished out the summer at Grace Jordan and then moved to the preschool at Trailwind. I LOVE IT!! my preschoolers are amazing! I'm working by myself again but it's so much more enjoyable. I have up to ten kids a day and they are so wonderful. They are loving and forgiving and optomistic....I love preschoolers :) But thats basically it right now. I'm chillin in Boise and hoping to go and visit my Rexburg friends soon!

ummm, oh so my purse got stolen a couple weeks ago. brand new purse....about $550 worth of stuff inside....all my id and junk. It pretty much ruined me for a while, but things are finally turning around for the better.

Hahaha, so Tiffany and maybe Jacqueline will appriciate this. I'm playing a Kingdom Hearts marathon with my brother. we're playing all games, one through two :) hahaha so in total, four games. We are almost done with the first :) It's such a fun game! It's one of my fanatical lost and harry potter. cool. beans.

hahah so I was reading back at my previous posts....oh my heck I was retardedly immature back then! and it was only a year ago! sheesh. I hated reading about lame boy problems and the crappy drama and my lame depression stage. holy crap. Glad I moved on! Sorry to anyone who even bothered reading past the first sentence.

Well, anyways. I really dont have anything else to say. hahaha my life is so rutine that there is hardly anything to it. Well, hopefully something to update on soon!!! peace.

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